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  1. The Shadowkeep

    The Shadowkeep (published 2024-03-09)

    An eerie dungeon on the shadowfell.

    Tags: Art Battlemap Gloaming

  2. Darkbeast Paarl

    Darkbeast Paarl (published 2023-12-29)

    11in x 17in Fanart Poster of Darkbeast Paarl.

    Tags: Art

  3. Bend Time (published 2023-05-01)

    A homebrewed feat that allows for a very limited action surge.

    Tags: D&D 5e Feat

  4. Marked One (Rogue Subclass) (published 2023-03-21)

    A magical rogue subclass based on Corvo from Dishonored.

    Tags: D&D 5e Subclass Rogue